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Jack Kerouac, meet Michel Tremblay. The King of the Beatnicks squares off against The Bard of Mont Royal. It is 1969, and a wide-eyed Michel Tremblay has just written what would become his defining work, Les Belles Soeurs, and has travelled over a thousand miles to meet his hero, Jack Kerouac. Kerouac, in what will be the last year of his life, has seen his career steered into a dead-end and is determined to drink himself to death. The two writers’ worlds collide and explode in a spirited battle for common ground, going head-to-head on the art of writing, inspiration, music, religion and the most innate quality they share: their Quebecois heritage.

Directed by Kelly Reay

Starring Duval Lang as Jack Kerouac
and Mathieu Bourossa as Michel Tremblay

Set and Costume Design by Julia Wasilewski
Lighting Design by Ian Martens
Sound Design by Brendan McGuigan

Produced by Sara Turner

Michel & Ti-Jean

May 1 - 10, 2014

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